Twitter Fame Began to Fade

Twitter service popularity slowly began to fade. Reports from institutions comScore survey shows during October and the number of Twitter users has decreased.

In the comScore report noted the addition of new accounts mikroblogging service in October and down 7.9 percent from September, which is the second monthly decline during 2009. Thus quoted by the Boston Post, Sunday (15/11/2009).

Twitter is a social networking site the third largest in the United States has 19.2 million users in October. ComScore also reported that Twitter currently has a growth of less than 1 percent in September and declined in August. October numbers were better, although the decline in new account users could not inevitable.

This figure of course varies inversely with Facebook, which has 97.4 million users in the United States alone, growing more than doubled from the previous year. MySpace is ranked second among social networking users in the U.S. also fell 2.5 percent from the previous month.

Besides Twitter growth among users of the site continues to slow, but interesting more Twitter users come from mobile phone users and customers abroad.

Until now, no one spokesperson who immediately responded Twitter news is tilted.

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